Alvin Kuo: Faye Releases New Song!

Alvin Kuo, 23 Sep, 2019:

New song released by Faye. Check it out! Chinese name is 我和我的祖国, translating to “Me and my Motherland.” Youtube link:

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Happy Birthday Faye!!!

Mark says
August 8, 2019 at 3:32 am

Faye Happy Birthday from America !! ♥♥

Feifan says
August 8, 2019

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Alvin Kuo: Faye Releasing New Album Soon

Updated 6 Aug. 2019

Alvin Kuo says:
July 30, 2019 at 11:00 am
Hey just letting you know, Faye is going to release a new album soon. Both her and her Taiwan agent have confirmed it. Just spreading the good news to fellow fans.


Feifan replies: Alvin, thanks for the tip! We’ve been waiting forever. It’ll be a dream come true. Here are some quotes I picked up from Jonathan Fam’s article, “What Did Faye Wong Tell Her Fan Who Opened A Restaurant Opposite Nicholas Tse’s?” in TodayOnline (7/31/19):

Faye and Chiu Li-Kwan, her former manager (3/15/16).

“On July 26, her former manager Chiu Li-Kwan, who remains close to Faye, was asked at an event if the singer was planning on releasing a new album, to which she replied, ‘Yes!'”

Faye and fan who asked her to confirm her new album plans. Photo from TodayOnline 8/6/19.

“Then yesterday (Jul 30), a fan of Faye Wong wrote on Weibo about how she had met the singer at an airport and that when she asked Faye if those rumours about her releasing a new album were true, the singer said: ‘Yes, that’s the plan but [I] have not started working on it yet.'”


Mark says:
August 6, 2019 at 3:56 am
wow here it is just days from Faye’s birthday and she is giving us a gift. Can’t wait to hear it someday.


Feifan replies: Mark, thanks for the reminder re Faye’s birthday on August 8. A new album is a gift we’ve all been waiting for. Can’t wait!

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Faye & Nic Still Going Strong in 2018

Faye & Nic at an airport in June 2018. (Source Mr. Gossip, Sohu, 12/27/18.)

Faye & Nic at Eason Chan’s birthday party in March 2018. Faye is singing “Because of Love.” (Source Mr. Gossip, Sohu, 12/27/18.) Update 1/26/19: Faye is at her best in these smaller, intimate settings, in jeans and jersey. Man, I wish I had been there.

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Faye Was Meant to Co-star in Jackie’s 2003 ‘Shanghai Knights’

Jackie Chan, in his memoir, Never Grow Up, says Fann Wong was not his first choice for the female lead in his 2003 Shanghai Knights. He had actually requested Faye Wong, but the assistant director, who was not familiar with the Chinese film scene, mistakenly hired Fann Wong instead. (Source,  Douglas Tseng, “Jackie Chan’s Memoir ‘Never Grow Up’: Fann Wong Wasn’t His First Choice In ‘Shanghai Knights‘,” 8days, 12 Jan. 2019.)

Faye at the 2003 CCTV Music Awards, where she accepted the Pan-Asia Best Female Artist of the Year award. The ceremony was held in Beijing on 12 Sep. 2003.

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Faye Wong’s Satine Organic Milk TVCs 2012-2018

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Faye Wong CD: Real or Fake?

Sainbanuu, on 14 September 2018 at 7:52 am, asked:
Do you know anyone who’s an expert on Faye Wong CDs? (Special editions, promotional items, etc.) I have a disc that’s not an obvious fake but that doesn’t quite look right either. Would love to find out more about it.

Later the same day, at 10:55 am, s/he asked:
Does anybody know anything about the item pictured in the following URL? I lean towards thinking it’s fake, but can’t understand why someone would go through that trouble…

These are the 5 photos:

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 5

My initial impression is that this is legitimate and you have a very rare limited edition, promotional copy of Faye’s 2000 album. I’ve never seen this particular package (cover and CD) before. Here’s a close-up of the telling information:

Photo 6

Hopefully others will be able shed more light on this rare find. Sainbanuu, thank you very much for sharing this mystery with us.

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